From events just prior to birth of Christ -  writing of  Revelation by Apostle John 

Period - 90 years (approx)

 1-2 Years

 30 years (approx)

 3.5 years

30 years

25 Years (approx)

Events prior to & after Birth of Christ

Private - Life of Christ

Public Ministry

Period covering - Commencement
of Church
Ch.2 to Ch. 28 of
Acts of the Apostles

From Acts 28
-to final writing of Revelation  by Apostle John

References to Mary

16 1 6 1 None

Please note - Jesus occurs in the New Testament  949 times;
Christ 558 times & Lord Jesus Christ 340 times.

Mary occurs - 24 times.
16 of the references relate to the birth of Christ. (12 in Luke & 4 in Matthew)

It is therefore patently clear that none of the apostolic writers ever intended that we should elevate Mary  to a place where she receives hyperdulia veneration, adoration, supplication and exaltation. Had they intended to do so they would have indicated this in their writings. As you can see, they had an extended opportunity to do so spanning a lengthy period of approximately 90 years, yet they never did.

The silence of Scripture about Mary during this
Apostolic period is deafening